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The Legal Office

A&V consulting is a legal consulting company, established in 1992 by Galina Marinska and Daniel Valtchev. The traditions set by them are followed in the work of the new team after they retired from active work since 2001 because of the new public responsibilities they have received.

A&V consulting is specialized in the field of Commercial, Financial, Contract and Property Law as well as in International Private Law matters.

The company works with highly qualified lawyers and counselors from different regions of Bulgaria and from Europe. This allows the team to respond duly to the clients requirements and to render services conformed to a maximum extend with the particularities of the regional law practice.

The team

In the Office work lawyers with proven professional and language skills. The team is experienced in solving specific corporate problems such as: establishing and management of Holding Structures, assistance in preparation of General meetings of Shareholders of Public companies, emission and trade with securities and bonds issued by Public companies, consultations and court representation in bankruptcy cases, bills of exchange matters, banking transactions, etc.

attorney at law Milena Plocheva
attorney at law Pavel Filev
attorney at law Veselina Panova
attorney at law Yana Karserdareva
juridical consultant Krasimir Mitev

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